About Us

Sweet videos don't make themselves

We’re a young, hungry, video production company on a mission: to spread appreciation. Appreciation of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We do this by caring as much about the subject matter of the video, as we do about the technical process of making it.

Our origin story is set in the world of elite sport. The first ever gig was to follow the Australian Dolphins Swim Team around, capturing their journey and producing vlog-style content. We’ve since learned a few new tricks, but our passion is the same. We have a variety of professional backgrounds from journalism to filmmaking to music production. We work in small, non-disruptive crews that produce cinematic results with rapid-fire editing turnaround times. We have drones, we have steady-cams, slow-motion cameras, time-lapse rigs, all the gear needed to make your story pop.

What can't we do?!

Stay still. Go a day without coffee. Miss a Raiders game. Love a cartoon more than Tintin. Watch Remember The Titans without crying. 3D animation. Solve world hunger. We’re also not huge on live-streaming jobs or training videos… but pretty much anything else 🙂

Meet the team

that live the dream

Monty Bellew

Monty is the incumbent Good Shout Good Boy. He spent his early years on the Central Coast as a breeding dog but left that world behind to start a new life in Canberra. His role is to sleep, eat and receive all the pats. Monty has never been seen in the same room as Pinky, from 'Pinky and the Brain'. Hmmm. Curious.

Brett Frawley

Brett is the founder of Good Shout. The company is his outlet to tell stories and share new ideas. He loves journalism. He loves advertising. But fears the blurry bit in-between. Without his team, he’d be nothing.

Nicholas Arganese

Nicko is Good Shout’s second-in-command and co-owner. He helps oversee and manage the entire creative process. From concept through to final delivery, he laps it all up.  When asked "How's it going?" Nicko confidently replies "I'm living the dream".

Martin Bellew

Affectionately known by the team as "Saint Martin", patron of sick edits. His role is to take clients' ideas, run it through every step of the process and spit out a sweet vid. When Martin’s not producing sick edits, he’s watching any sport imaginable. Quote “Anyone see what happened in the world series of lawn bowls last night?”

Callum Lawrence

Callum is a one-man band videographer. From storyboarding to sound design, he loves the whole process. Be warned, if you put a camera in his hand, you might just fall in love with what it captures. When he’s not filming around Australia or animating at his desk, Callum enjoys making short films and taking photos, sometimes at the same time.