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Hi there. We’re Good Shout. We make sweet videos.

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Videography is a sport

Our origin story is set in the world of elite sport. We’re the on-team videographers for the likes of the Australian Swim Team, Rowing Team and Paralympic Team. We always give 110%. Full credit to the girls and boys because at the end of the day, you’ve just gotta keep turning up for each other.

Good Shout is an experiment

It’s not worth making something if it’s not watchable. One bazzilion hours of video is uploaded to the internet every nanosecond. If you have something to say, you have to stand up and get noticed. We love bringing the quirk, we live for an experiment and we believe every video should have a bit of adventure about it.

Storytelling is everything

We can help you write your story from scratch, or we can take your vision and run with it. Nowadays, the word “storytelling” can sound like a buzzword – chewed up and spat out by marketing blogs. But to us, the worth of a well-told story will never ever die.