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Swimming Australia

Swimming Australia

We’ve been embedded in the Australian Swim Team since 2013. That’s five Australian Championships, five international tours and countless other events, promotional campaigns, television commercials and video news releases. We’ve made hundreds of videos for swimming. Some funny, some serious, some surprising – all with the aim of feeding a hungry-for-content audience and cement Swimming Australia’s digital footprint.

• Videography
• Post-Production
• Video News Releases
• Event Work

Cate Campbell’s World Record

On a pretty lacklustre Saturday night at what was supposed to be a “warm-up” meet in Brisbane, Cate Campbell broke the 100m freestyle world record. No news crews were within cooee so only one cameraman captured it. This is how I saw it. Over 121k views / 4.5k likes on Facebook.

Our time in Auburn, Alabama

The Australian Swim Team trained at Auburn University, Alabama, USA before flying down to the Rio 2016 Olympics. I lived with the team for the entire two weeks to document their time in the deep south. Over 50k views / 1.4k reactions on Facebook

Cameron McEvoy’s Road to Rio

Cameron McEvoy is one impressive dude. A science nut, a superfish and an all-round good guy. I tracked him for four years in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympics. Over 72K views / 2.2k reactions on Facebook


It’s fun to watch people having fun. In the lead up to every Australian Championships, I get out to the swimming clubs armed with games and a camera. Over 6k views on YouTube

A Picnic With… Mack Horton

In the lead-up to every Australian Championships we make a series of videos to distribute via a range of channels. In 2017, it was a series of “Picnic’s with…” that were used to promote the event on social media, play in-venue during the event and to play on the live-stream coverage.